The World of Carna

The book “First Lords Fury” leaves the World of Carna in a tumultuous state. The majority of the Aleran heartland is covered in the Vord croach. Most of its cities have been destroyed and there are thousands of refugees that need to be fed.

The Canim homeland of Canea is overrun with Vord and commanded by a sterile Vord Queen. At this point the Canim have been given the city of Parcia. The Canim are better seafarers then the Alerans and if it hadn’t been given, then they would have tried to take it.

A pricey bargain has been struck with the Icemen giving them control of the wall that has separated them from the rest of Alera for centuries. Fortunately there has been a breakthrough in the relations with the Iceman and it now looks like a peace may be possible

The Marat are in good standing. What with the marriage of the First Lord to his Marat Chala relations are posed to be good. They appear to be the sole source of resources for the Alerans prepared to rebuild.

The World of Carna

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