Causing the world around you to change is a feat that requires Concentration and often has a high Challenge level. The less drastic the event the less it requires from you. Manifesting costs the same as internal crafting in that you lose Concentration points equal to the Aptitude of the element you are using. Likewise you can volunteer to lower your aptitude for the rest of the Paragraph. Be warned that this will affect any other uses of this trait in the current paragraph.

Because one needs to devote additional attention to the effects of their manifestation there is a pool of Concentration points that are set aside. When a character declares that they want to manifest their fury they place concentration points equal to the Strength of the element into a “crafting pool”. If they receive Distraction damage before their next Paragraph it is applied to the crafting pool first. Should the crafting pool be depleted the crafting is disrupted and the player should determine what happens to their character. If multiple manifestations are being crafted in a single paragraph the crafting pool must have at least one point per crafting. If there are not enough points in the crafting pool to support all the active craftings then the player should decide which crafting fails and how it affects their character.

When a crafting is released, such as when the Fireball goes off or when the Flyer lands, the points in the crafting pool are returned to the total Concentration Points.

An Author may decide to impose an additional number of challenge levels on a crafting. These would be due to factors such as unfamiliarity with the specific crafting or countermeasures like a windcrafter within a confined space.

Here is a list of the most common Maifest Craftings.








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