How to Author

As The Author your job is to guide the story forward and create situations that will test the Protagonists’ ability to get what they want. You will be responsible for setting the CL in most situations. The backrgound characters and the Antagonists are under your control and you will likeley need to describe the result of actions taken by the Protagonists.

A guide for setting Challenge Level (CL) difficulty.

  • A CL of 1 or 2 is “easy” for someone naturaly skilled or trained in an action. for others there is a risk of making no progress and for those not skilled in the area the chance of failing is high.
  • A CL of 3-4 is moderate. A skilled character will not always succeed and may even fail in this sort of action.
  • A CL of 5-6 is difficult. A skilled character will not likley succeed in this action but there is still a hope of success.
  • A CL of 7+ is almost imposible and even Grand Masters will think twice before attempting this sort of action.

A guide to handling Backgroung Characters.

  • Background Characters are the people, animals, and monsters that make up the nameless population of the story world. The merchant you are haggling with and the foot soldier you direct in battle are Background Characters. Often times if the Protagonists are in a conflict with these characters the Author sets a CL rather than an apposed roll.

How to Author

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