How the IVovel System Works

The basis of the IVovel System (pronounced “Novel”) is this; when you want to accomplish something you roll a handful of dice and count up all the dice that are 4 or higher. Hence the reason it has a roman numeral 4 instead of a capitolized “N”.

The more dice you roll (Aptitude) and the larger the dice size (Strength), the better chances you have of succeeding at what you were trying to do. The Aptitude and Strength of your attempt is determined by your Character Traits

Any die that reads 4 or higher is called a success.

I am often going to use terms that are more appropriate to a novel than to a game.

The person who controls the Antagonists and tells the story is known as the Author.

The players control the Protagonists.

A Campaign will be known as a Book.

Each encounter will be known as a Chapter.

Each time a player has his character do something it is known as a Paragraph.

In a chapter the author presents the players a situation where they need to accomplish a goal. Whenever the character does something the author tells him to roll the appropriate dice and, based on the number of successes, explains what happens in the story around them.

How the IVovel System Works

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