Furies are elemental spirits; Eart, Water, Fire, Wind, Metal, and Wood that inhabit all aspects of Alera. Some are small and cannot be seen, and others are powerful enough to manifest when called upon by their wielders. Wild Furies exist throughout Alera and can be extremly dangerous to the people living there.

Alerans bind to personal furies in their early childhood or adolescent years, . In recent years other races have shown the ability to bind to furies, an ability that was thought to belong to Alerans only. Furies are used to aid in whatever tasks are undertaken, from housework to combat, travel to comunication, diplomacy to romance. This fury-based magic is known as furycrafting.

In the IVovel System the mechanics of Furycraft magic is done with the use of Supporting Traits. These traits are called Wood, Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, and Metal. They are associated with the Character Traits; Control, Speed, Power, Cunning, Perception and Confidence respectively.

Alternatively, the players and the Author could decide to use a system based on the Claiming of wild furies.

Furycrafting is accomplished in one of two forms. First, a crafter may draw from the strength of their fury to increase their own. For example, earth crafters often draw physical might from the ground, through their furies, to allow them to lift loads far too heavy for normal people, while wind crafters can increase their speed and metalcrafters their endurance. This is known as Internal Crafting

The second form of furycrafting is to Manifest a fury. This often involves the fury taking a visible form, usualy the shape of an animal, though taking the shape of a human is not unheard of. Any time the furycraft produces an effect on the outside world, anywhere from a gentle breeze to a massive explosion, it is considered a manifestation. Manifested furies are necessary for the most powerful forms of furycraft, including flight (windcrafting) and healing (watercrafting).

There also exist “Great Furies,” the most powerful and ancient of these spirits, by which Alerans swear and curse. They manifest as geographic formations of great elemental power, such as volcanoes and oceans, and are far more often restrained or provoked than explicitly commanded, and then only by furycrafters of exceptional strength. Many Alerans are unaware of the Great Furies’ actual existence, imagining them to be more mythic than real, but this disbelief is incorrect. These Furies are only used when aproptriate for the story and the Author is always in control of them.


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