When fighting in a Duel the character with more successes does damage to the character with less. The damage done is based on the difference in the number of successes as well as the type of weapon used by the winning character.

Weapons have a static amount of damage they do. It is expressed as two numbers.

Gladius 3/4

The first number is the damage (Dmg) done to the characters Body. The second number is the distraction (Dis) done to the characters Concentration.

The more successes one character has over the other the more damage and distraction they do. These are called hits. Two hits does twice the damage, Three hits does three times as much.

Characters can also have ways to reduce the damage and Distraction they take. Damage Reduction (or DR) is expressed as a number. A DR of 4 would remove that many points from the amount of damage taken in each paragraph.

For instance if two characters were dueling and the character weilding the gladius scored two hits they would potentialy do 6 points of body damage and 8 points of distraction. The character that was hit is wearing a curias and has a shield.

Curias DmgR 4
Shield DisR 2

Therefore the total amount of damage done is 2 Dam and 6 Dis.

DR can not prevent all damage from occuring. If the DR is higher than or equal to the Damage taken then the damage taken is 1.


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