Character Traits

Every character has a set of statistics that define who that character is and what they are capable of. They are separated into two categories, Physical and Mental as well as Active and Passive.

physical Control Speed Power active – - – - – - - Resilience
mental Cunning Perception Confidence - – - – - – - passive Focus

Whenever a character is attempting to do something, the two most appropriate traits are used to determine what dice should be rolled.

For instance if you were trying to convince a guard to let you pass unmolested then you would use Cunning and Confidence. If you were trying to pick a lock then Control and Perception would be used. Trying to hold a door closed then Power and Resilience.

In some situations the use of Supporting Traits is a part of the game.

How skilled your character is in each area is determined by your Aptitude and Strength in that trait.

Character Traits

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