Hundreds of varieties of armor have been used over the years but for the purposes of the IVovel system they are divided into three categories. Light, Medium and Heavy. In addition to armor shields are a commonly used to reduce the damage a charcter takes.

Shields reduce the Distraction you recieve when you are hit in combat. Some shields are too bulky to use in a Duel and provide benefits appropriate to the situation. All shields used in a duel provide the same benefit to a character DisR 2

Armor reduces the Body Damage you recieve when you are injured therefore it provides a Damage Reduction. this is shortened to DamR

Light armor is usualy close fitting and easy to move in. Padded leather with small metal plates is a common form this category of armor takes. Light Armor provides DamR 1

Medium armor is heavier and imposes a peanilty to a characters speed trait. A metal curias and greves is typical of medium armor. All Challenge Levels are raised by 1 if Speed is used in a success check while wearing medium armor. Medium Armor provides DamR 4

Heavy armor is bulky and difficult to move in, Full Plate armor is typical of this category. All Challenge Levels are increased by 2 if Speed is used and by 1 if Control is used in the success check. Heavy Armor provides DamR 7


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