Alerans, synonymous with “humans”, have lived on the world of Carna for almost 2000 years. The continent they settled in known as Alera. Records show that shortly after the first humans came to Carna they were able to bind with the elemental beings that lived on this world. Known as " Furies " they have given the Alerans a distinct advantage over the other races of sentient beings that have come to live on Carna.

The Furycraft and the military strategy of Legionnaires have allowed the relatively frail humans to be a distinct force to be reckoned with.

After the events of “First Lords Fury” the structure of Aleran society has been in turmoil.

An Aleran Main Character begins their story with a bonus point of Aptitude in the Focus Trait. They also start with a single Bonded Fury of their choice ( Apt 1 Str d4).


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