Intro and goals

Hi there. The following is my attempt to create a table top role playing system that is able to be used with Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series. As I read the last chapter of First Lords Fury I said to myself that this would make a great campaign setting.

Several of my fellow “Butcher Fan” friends seconded my statement but I realized that the system of magic that the people of Alera utilize does not fit into any of the RPG systems that I was familiar with.

Therefore after weeks of brainstorming and wasting time I have come up with the basis for a tabletop RPG that you can use in the World of Carna.

My first section will be a description of the game rules that can fit on any world. I have decided to name the system the “IVovel game system”. This is because I feel the system is good at reflecting the kind of story that you have in a fantasy novel. also the roman numeral 4 replaced the “N” because the success of anything depends on you rolling a 4 on your dice.

I will add the magic system that comes from the Codex Alera books in the second section.

Ludus Alera

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